Our Services

Our extensive knowledge and experience in transportation and logistics allows us to provide greater service, powered by the latest technology – taking care of problems before they occur. Our logistics management team is committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs. We know that simplicity and reliability are important to you and we’ll do everything we can to deliver on that.


LogEx’s team is here to make navigating the ever-changing FTL and LTL landscape easier. Say goodbye to poor execution and wrong information with LogEx’s portfolio of North America’s most reliable, consistent performing carriers.

Shipping flatbed freight typically puts shippers at the mercy of the market’s supply and demand variance. Combat that unpredictability with LogEx’s access and direct management of North America’s largest hotshot network.

LogEx’s strategic, collaborative, and specific vision for each of our customers allows us to provide world-class service and solutions that are led by our best-in-class business development team. Whether you have shipments a few times a year or every day, we have solutions that take the work from your desk to ours, with a fully outsourced solution.

Meeting the needs of a perishable, cold driven supply chain starts with partnering with the right service provider. When you’re exploring solutions to solve your everyday challenges, rest assured that LogEx’s experience and endless capabilities will solve your temperature-controlled problems, big and small.